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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, as in SEO & SMO, are both leading to a similar end. That end is gaining more traffic to your website .In the next few or more words  we’re going to see how each one of them works and we’ll make a comparison between them.

SEO although has been the main solution for getting your site a big amount of traffic and also a good position in search engines, it has been ignored by some people due to the high costs. The patience is missing from some people’s way to do things and SEO doesn’t bring results over night, it’s very effective but in time. Good long lasting results, if you put some work into it, hard work I may say.

In the last few years a new actor came into play, SMO, due to the big bang of users for the social media networking. So let’s draw some line and see how it relays to SEO or not.

SMO has to be made with strong profiles, while for SEO you don’t need that. As a big difference it’s noticeable that successful SEO brings more steady traffic than the SMO.

Let’s see what are the great things about SEO and SMO.

SEO: you get tones of free traffic from the search engines if you have high rank, targeted traffic is reached since your visitors have searched for what you have to offer, you have control over the targeted search terms.

SMO: everybody can do it, success comes immediately(no need to become a trusted domain), free of charge, with a powerful profile you can attract good traffic whenever you need it, your site structure is not important like in SEO

Now it’s time to get into some comparisons between SEO and SMO:

In SEO inbound links are an important factor while in SMO links are the way to success(SEO benefits from good SMO)

The titles are very important for both of them.

In SEO the content must be readable for search engines but for the SMO it must be readable by humans.

For both of them the quality of the content is an important factor. The more interesting it is and well made, you’ll get better results.

Analysis in SEO are made to see what  changes  affected the ranking, while for SMO is to see what content draw more interest.

The experience has it’s benefits from both of them cause you can apply it with success for other websites.

So as a conclusion I think that SEO and SMO can co-exist perfectly rather than being a versus between them, of course, with good benefits and you can work them together in order to achieve your success.

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